protect your photos.

With this service, you record your photos on the blockchain directly from the Instagram app, via smartphone or computer.

In questo modo viene attribuita una data certa alle tue foto e viene redatto un “Dossier prova d’autore” efficace
che dimostra la tua titolarità delle foto.

Why protect your Instagram photos?

Each user continuously publishes photos on Instagram without worrying about preserving their property.

Non fare lo stesso errore! Before it’s too late, start protecting yours.

Your photos have great value, do not allow others to steal them in total freedom.


All photos have an economic value


Your photographic ability is recognized


Protect your digital identity


Fast and safe


Become a part of the CreativitySafe community, registering is quick and easy, click here


Go to the photo you just posted on Instagram, or take one that you want to protect, and through the 3 dots at the top right you chose “copy link” or ” share “


Send the link of your photo to the email “ creativitysafe@gmail.com”

Great! Soon your post is recorded on the Blockchain.

Next, we send the registration certificate and the “Proof of Author Dossier” to your email, you can consult it for free at any time by accessing < a href = "https://creativitysafe.com/en/area-riservata-caricamenti/"> private area of the Creativity Cloud.

Qui ci va un testo di esempio che proveremo ad immaginarci come impostare per promuovere il pdf


 13 / month

20 post registered / month


 99/ year

250 post registered / year