protect your photos.

Thanks to this special service, you can register your photos

directly from the Instagram app

via smartphone or tablet.

You can then attribute a timestamping to your photos and be able to
show your authorship if someone copy them.

Why protect your Instagram photos?

Every Instagram user continously publishes pictures without worrying about her rights.

Don’t do the same mistake! Before it is too late, start protecting your pictures.

If you think that your pictures have a value, don’t let them steal in total freedom.


All photos have an economic value


Your photographic ability is recognized


Protect your digital identity


Fast and safe


Be part of the CreativitySafe community! Sign up is easy and quick


Go to the post where your picture has been published, click on the vertical menu up to the right and select “copy link” or “share”


Send the link to the email address: “creativitysafe@gmail.com”

Well done! In a few time your post will be registered on the Bitcoin’s Blockchain.

You will then receive an email with the Certificate of Registration. You will be able to access and download your “Authorship Dossier”  in whatever moment and for free:  simply log in and go to your private folder of the Creativity Cloud.

InstagramSafe explained by our comics' author

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