There is something on the Internet, but we were surprised to find that there is nothing completely satisfactory. Especially if the goal is to protect intellectual property on a slippery ground like that of the “kitchen”.

This is why we have taken care of processing “template” files in Excel that you can use as a guide to gather the “technical” information needed to describe your creative content in an exhaustive way. Files can be downloaded freely by our users and we advise you to regularly consult the Creativity Tools page of your Reserved Area where we have the complete and updated list of the models available to our users. :

Once you have downloaded the Excel file, we recommend that you save it to your computer with a name representative of your creation and work on it calmly. When you are satisfied and you think you have entered all the necessary information, you can upload it in the special “Primary Protection Object” section of the certification Form on the site, so that we can deposit it, along with the remaining documentation (the Representative Image is important ) that you will provide us, on the blockchain.

If the most expert user deems it necessary, the structure and content can be changed. As Creativity Safe we ​​encourage the development of solutions by the user community. If you want to make your solutions available to all users to improve the modules, please write to us or use the blog.

Last warning. If you want to protect a business secret, protect your Excel file (and the remaining documentation) with a password or use the “incognito” mode.