The answer is no. The signature of an artist, the family crest or the icons are just some examples, ancient and modern, of graphic signs with which one wants to “distinguish” and which need protection if they want to maintain their distinctive characteristic. Even the slogan of a non-profit association or the motto of a sports club deserve protection, if you don’t want to see them reproduced by unauthorized parties. Here are some examples:

  • Tag: is the graphic signature originally affixed by street artists to their creations. Used by rappers or sportsmen, it can also be reproduced on merchandising items
  • Coat of arms: originally used by noble families, it is used by Municipalities, sports clubs, universities, clubs … to represent the values ​​that inspire us.
  • Number : the numbers cannot be copyrighted, but an athlete can be characterized by the number of the jersey or that of the motorcycle he is driving.
  • Icon, Emojii:  ideograms that serve to express concepts or emotions.