To make it easier to fill out the form required for registering Creative Content, we recommend that you keep the following documents handy:


  • PRIMARY OBJECT: The file representing the Creative Content that you intend to certify. There are no particular format limits (doc, pdf, png, jpg, mp3, mp4 ….). And if some formats are rejected for reasons of computer security (eg exe files), you can always encapsulate them in a .zip.


  • Documentation proving the use and appearance in public of your creative content (articles in newspapers, posts on websites or social networks, advertising material, …). Obviously, this material is mandatory if your goal is to prove the use of a brand or sign.
  • Documentation proving the purchase or ownership of the work. Obviously, this material is mandatory if your goal is to prove that you have purchased some rights or even the exclusive ownership of a work.
  • Representative image of the work. Obviously, for some types of work, photography can represent an important part of intellectual property. See for example the case of recipes.
    High definition photocopy of an identity document (identity card or passport) of the person making the registration.

Summarizing, in the example of the unpublished recipe, the primary object is the recipe itself (you can use in this regard the pre-compiled model that we have prepared and that you can find in the Creativity Tools  of your Reserved Area). The optional additional documentation can be the photo of the dish, a newspaper article that takes up your recipe, the menu of your restaurant or even the poster of a gastronomic fair where you organized a tasting ,.

All the documents you upload through the Form will be grouped together by us in a Zip file. This Zip file and the file that you have indicated to us contain the primary object of your creation will be both deposited on the Blockchain.

To help you in describing the work or collecting the accompanying documentation, we have prepared models that we hope will be useful to you. The list is constantly evolving and you can find it in the Creativity Tools of your Reserved Area.