Protect your idea in 3 simple steps


Do you want to protect your copyrights quickly and effectively?

All your work is unique and special
and must be protected in the most appropriate way. Start immediately with Creativity Safe.

Years of experience in defending intellectual property teach us that it is essential to always have valid and complete documentation attesting to the authorship of the work, the its publication, its use. That’s why we help you prepare a dossier based on the type of work you want to certify, giving you all the assistance you need.

.01 Upload the files

What to prepare

What kind of work did you produce? Understanding “ what ” certifies we need to understand “ how ” to do it in the best possible way.

(if you want to learn more, we have prepared a Guide to the preparation of the Authorship Dossier)


Primary protection work.

Choose the file from your PC, representative of your creation, be it text or audio, video or images.

Additional documentation.

Do you have documentation proving the authorship of the work, such as newspaper articles, posts on social networks or advertising campaigns?

Identity document.

You have this! It is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended to make the work-date-author demonstration more effective.

.02 Certification

What you get

Receive the material on the e-mail and find it available in the reserved area.



The certificate attesting to the successful registration on the blockchain of the work (and of the relevant Authorship Dossier).


A technical file, with .OTS extension, which allows to trace the final transaction and the relative block of the blockchain on which the works have been certified.

Sticker protect.

A sticker that you can affix to your work, in the case of an exposure to the public, to discourage improper use.

.03 Relax

When needed, you can prove it.

The correspondence between certification and work can be checked at any time by loading the original file, and the corresponding OTS file, on one of the online sites adhering to the standard Opentimestamp. In any case, we also provide text files where we list all the mathematical steps necessary to test the deposit on blockchain.