There are many creative works that can benefit from blockchain certification. In particular with our service it is possible to document all the contents with a creative connotation: even those in draft or for which registration on public registers is not foreseen but for which it can always be important to show the paternity and originality!

Below is an example list of creative content that can be certified through our site:

  • lyrics and melodies, arrangements
  • recipes, cocktail
  • pictures and video
  • artistic drawings, also with potential commercial use
  • scientific paper drafts, algorithms
  • unpublished stories, fairy tales
  • screenplays, television formats
  • translations

but also distinctive signs such as:

  • logo, payoff, slogan
  • shop signs, packages
  • coats, sports numbers, mascots
  • tag, icon, emojii:
Preparation of the registration form

What documents should I prepare to use this service?

To make it easier to fill out the form required for registering Creative Content, we recommend that you keep the following documents handy:


  • PRIMARY WORK: The Creative Content that you intend to certify in appropriate format (png, jpg, pdf, mp4, doc pdf … or even zip)
  • TITLE OF THE WORK: The title of your work, which will appear on the Certificate of registration and as a caption of any representative image


  • DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK: Documentation describing the history, the technical characteristics and the realization of your work. We have prepared some models that you can download here.
  • REPRESENTATIVE IMAGE: An image that represents your work (for example, for a recipe it could be a photo of the dish on the table),
  • PROOF OF USE AND PUBLICATION: Documentation proving the use and appearance in public of your creative content (articles in newspapers, posts on websites or social networks, advertising material, …)
  • PROOF OF OWNERSHIP: Documentation proving the ownership of the work (commercial correspondence with customers / suppliers, purchase contract, ….)
  • COAUTHORS AGREEMENT: Agreement with co-authors, if the work is the result of the contribution of more than one person. We have prepared some models that you can download here.
  • ID CARD: High definition photocopy of an identity document (identity card or passport) of the person who makes the registration

Summing up and remaining in the example of the gastronomic recipe, the primary object is the recipe itself. The optional additional documentation may be the photo of the dish, a newspaper article that takes up your recipe or even the poster of a gastronomic fair where you organized a tasting ..

All the documents you upload through the Form will be grouped together by us in a Zip file. This Zip file and the file you have indicated to us contain the primary object of your creation will be both deposited on the Blockchain.

Can I password protect some confidential documents that I would still like to file as proof of copyright?

The answer to this question is very simple: yes. On the contrary, we consider it an obligation if you wish to upload documents relating to commercial correspondence with your suppliers or customers as proof of copyright.

The reason why we invite you to password protect some types of documents you send us is easy to understand. Imagine being contractually bound not to disclose some parts of the contract between you and the company that provided you with a component of your creation. Or the tender specifications you participated in. If you send them to us, we encrypt and deposit them on the blockchain. So, they are “safe” … until they stay on the blockchain. The problem arises when they have to leave the blockchain because for example you have to use them as proof of copyright in a dispute. In that case, obviously, you will have to show them to the judge or the referee. But, if you do not intend to make the content visible also to the IT expert who will have to confirm the certain date, just enter a password and the contents of your files will be safe from prying eyes.

Operationally speaking, to make things simpler, we recommend gathering all documents that need password protection and zipping them, adding a password to the entire zip file. If you don’t already know how to do it, there are many websites that explain the procedure to follow. In the Creativity Tools section of your reserved area, you will find a quick guide.

What should I do if the subject of my creation cannot be disclosed?

To respond to the needs of those who are obliged, for example by the supply contract or by company policy, not to transfer their files to the Cloud or to devices other than the internal working ones, we have created the “Incognito Mode” service. We refer to the section of the site dedicated to it for the explanation of how it works (see here).

What should I do if the files I have to deposit are too big?

The case may arise when the object of your creativity is a film or if the video files you need to prove the “manifestation” of your work. It could be the case of a piece of music and the video recording the artist’s performance. In this case the files could be of the order of several Giga. To solve the loading problem, the ideal solution is the “Incognito Mode”. We refer to the section of the site dedicated to it for the explanation of how it works (see here).

Are templates available to describe my creations?

Sure! You will find in your Reserved Area a Creativity Tools section dedicated to precompiled templates, in excel, word or pdf that you can freely use (click here).

In case of doubt?

If you find it difficult to complete the loading procedure of all the required documentation, do not hesitate to contact us.

If instead you think it is necessary to plan a more articulated protection strategy, you can write to us, integrating the registration on Blockchain with the access, on favorable conditions, to the advice of our expert partners in the field of intellectual property protection. Also in this case do not hesitate to contactus.