If you still can’t publicate your creations or can’t even transfer them to the cloud because, for example, bound by the corporate policies of the customer you’re working for, we have devised a service that allows you to register your creations on Blockchain without them “leaving” your computer. Specifically we will ask you to follow a specific procedure, different from the “standard” one, which we have defined “Incognito Mode”.

How does the Incognito Mode differ from the Standard Mode?

Using the cryptographic tool that we have made available on our site, your browser will calculate the hash of your files locally and you will send us only those. As is known, it is not possible to trace the original file from the hash. A bit like it happens with fingerprints: each of us can be identified by our own fingerprints, but from these it is not possible to trace the color of our eyes or the shape of our face.

Once received the hash, Creativity Safe will deposit it on the blockchain and produce a certificate that will then attest the registration of the “fingerprint” of your creations. In the event of a dispute, we will therefore always be able to help you prove that that particular hash corresponds, in a mathematically certain and incontrovertible manner, to a file that existed at that time and was in your possession.

Do I need to apply a greater degree of attention to file conservation than the standard mode?

CreativitySafe will keep the technical documentation related to the blockchain storage of the hash, but, as you can see, this option will lead to more effort and more attention on your part. You will always have to keep the original file you requested to deposit the hash on blockchain and you will never have to lose it or delete it. Even the slightest change in the file is enough, and the hash changes radically. We will in no way be able to help you rebuild the old file from the old hash. And nobody can do it even using all the computational power available on Earth.

Can you clarify with an example how other customers are using the incognito mode and why?

Let’s give an example, to clarify. You are participating in a competition to design a new company logo. To protect your creation, calculate the hash of the logo you sent to the company for a first evaluation and send it to us to register it on the blockchain. We will deposit it on the blockchain and within a few hours you will receive the certificate and all the documentation of the case. Let’s imagine that the company asks you to slightly change the nuance of a color you used or to change the proportions of a letter. You make the changes and delete the old file. At this point, you must necessarily make a new registration because the new file, even if the logo shown is visually very similar to the previous one, will produce a completely different hash from that of the old file.

What is the most popular package among those using the incognito mode?

The Incognito Mode is generally chosen by the creative professionals who participate in a competition and who are obliged to keep confidential even with regards to the drafts of the material they submit to the attention of the Client. Working for a long time for and with the “creatives”, we have understood that the need to protect the proofs of one’s work is perhaps even greater than that relative to the finished and finished work. For this reason, the package that most people choose is the “BASIC” or the “CUSTOM” that offer the possibility of making subsequent registrations at a competitive cost, thus ensuring the full protection of a work still “in progress”.