Your Personal Area on the Creativity Cloud
In the “Projects Works” and “Single Works” folders you will find all the input documents (which you then uploaded) and in output (which we then produced) of the process of recording your works on blockchain. You will also find the contractual drafts you generated by accessing the Contracts Hub (in “Personal Documents”), broken down by type. As well as the Instagram posts you recorded on blockchain, joining the “InstagramSafe” service.
Make the most of your CreativityCloud’s potential. If you are the manager of a research laboratory, you can for example transform your Creativity Cloud into a real “Electronic Laboratory Notebook”, where you can collect and notarize all the work done at the end of each day. If you are the manager of an advertising agency, you can instead use the structure for “projects” of the archive, giving each of them a specific customer or a specific tender.


Questions & Answers.

What is in the "personal documents" folder?

There are your personal documents. In particular, clicking on it you will see that two sub-folders will appear:

    • Identity Doc : here you will find the identity documents that you have uploaded on the site over time and that we will attach to the Proof of Author Dossier
    • Contracts & Payments : here you will find the contracts and order forms for the purchase of the services offered by CreativitySafe

What is the difference between "single works" and "projects" folders?

Both folders contain the blockchain certification documents. As you may have noticed, at a certain point we asked you to specify if the Work was part of a Project (for example because it is an intermediate “draft”) or if it was to be considered as Single Work (the choice of default) .If you have chosen the Project option, we have asked you to specify if it is a new Project or if it is an existing Project In the latter case, we finally asked you to tell us what the number of project and if you wanted to change the name of the project Depending on the choice you made, your Work and all the related certification material were saved in a specific Project (in turn a sub-folder of “Project Works” ) or directly in “Single Works.” You will notice that the project folders are numbered in progressive order.

What is there in the folders named with dates / time or with alphanumeric codes?

These folders collect all the material (input and output) of the certification process and represent what we call the Author’s Proof Dossier. For each registration there is a specific folder and the name of the folder, in case you have chosen the standard registration mode, it consists of the date and time when you have uploaded the material on our site. If instead you have chosen the incognito mode, the folders are named with an abbreviation that is derived from the hash of the file you uploaded (see below). As you can see, their internal organization is similar to that of the folders on your computer.

How is the denomination of the Dossier interpreted?

If you have chosen the “standard” registration mode on Blockchain, the name shows the date and time when you uploaded the files to our site. If you have chosen the “incognito” mode, the name is a numerical code. The code in question consists of the first 8 and the last 8 digits, separated by three x (“xxx”), of the hash of the file that you have calculated locally and that you sent us for registration on blockchain.

What does a folder / Dossier contain?

Each folder contains:

    • all the documentation you uploaded to the site. These files are immediately visible immediately after you send them to us for registration on the blockchain. You will notice that your files have been changed in name and have inherited the name of the field in which they were loaded. This will make it much easier in the future to retrieve the information needed to support your reasons. If by chance you have uploaded more than one file per single field (for example in the “Proof of use and publication” field), you will see that the files have been collected in a single .zip.
    • a sub-folder called “ Independent Validation Kit “: here you will find the .ots utility files, which you can use to independently and automatically verify the successful deposit on blockchain. You will also find the corresponding .txt files that can allow you to manually verify that the .ots file does instead automatically. They are very technical subjects, therefore, we advise you to deepen them in the appropriate section “Tools” of the site.
    • a sub-folder called “ Certificates and Sticker “: here you will find the Certificate attesting the successful registration on blockchain (with all the essential data to test it) and the STICKER.jpg file you can incorporate within your Works, your social networks or emails with which you make them public or distribute them to third parties. If you have uploaded a representative image of your work, you will also find a file IMAGETIMESTAMPED.jpg where this image is reproduced inside a frame on whose edges are reported the essential data of registration on Blockchain.

Note that the material contained in the “Certificates and sticker” sub-folder will also be sent to you by email at the end of the Blockchain registration procedure.

When is the Dossier completed?

The folder is filled in two steps. The first is the one immediately following the uploading of the files on our site. The second is the one immediately following the finalization of the blockchain deposit. Thus, the “Independent Validation Kit” and the “Certificates and Sticker” will appear in the Dossier immediately after the completion of the Blockchain registration operation.