Creativity Tools

The essential tools for the CreativitySafe community

Opentimestamps verifier

For each Work filed you will find in your Creativity Cloud a file with “.ots” extension that is used to trace, automatically and independently, the transaction and the block where the hash of your Work has been deposited.

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The ``Password Machine``

Passwords to be unassailable must not be “short” and must not be “trivial” (eg “123”). But how can we solve the problem of remembering a long and random password? Simple, just move the perspective and use the CreativitySafe “password machine”.
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Technical bibliography

Everything can be found on the Internet, but sometimes it is difficult to put together the most useful bibliographic material relevant to the topic to be investigated. For this reason we have produced this bibliography which contains the readings we believe are essential.

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Hash calculator

The mathematical hash function is the basis of modern cryptography and blockchain technology. There are countless sites that allow you to calculate the hash for free. For your convenience, here you can find the link to the SHA-256 algo (used by the Bitcoin blockchain and the Opentimestamps standard).
Hash file Hash testi

File compression & encryption

Compress and password protect documents that are transmitted via the Internet or email is a smart choice: transmission times are reduced and your data is protected from prying eyes. There are many programs to compress files or folders into a single zip file. We have prepared a quick guide for you.

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Creative Commons licenses

Protecting intellectual property is necessary also if you want your work to remain available to everyone. This is why the Creative Commons licenses were born. The approach is exactly the opposite of the traditional “all rights reserved”. We have prepared this simple guide for you.

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Templates for your creativity work

Describe effectively your creation or relationship with other authors is important in order to build an “Author Test Dossier” that proves to be effective in the unfortunate hypothesis that someone is copying your idea. For this reason we have prepared “templates” which we hope will be useful for building the documentation to be loaded into the “certification” module.

Describe Your Work

We prepared some schemes to help you describe your work. Upload them with the primary file representing your work and register both on the blockchain


Our model is not a simple list of ingredients and dosages, but contains the elements useful for the recognition of your intellectual property.


Ingredients and dosage are not enough to define the originality of a cocktail. Preparation, accompaniment, history … are equally important elements.