Many works (let’s think of a piece of music or a scientific paper) come from the collaboration of two or more authors. To meet the needs of the “co-authors” we have created this form which will allow you to list the co-authors of the Work you wish to record on the Blockchain and to explain the amounts due to each of them of the revenues that could derive in the future from its economic exploitation.

How does it work:

  1. Based on the information you provide us by filling out the form, we will process a Draft Agreement, ie a private agreement, which we will invite you to electronically sign as an Attorney on behalf of the co-authors.
  2. In essence you will receive an email with the Draft pre-filled based on the data you provided. Once you have signed up to receive the draft, you will need to save it on your computer
  3. At this point, share it with all the co-authors for their approval. Decide yourself how  and when. But take into account of the peculiarities of your jurisdiction. In Italy for example a contract is valid only if it is signed by hand by each Party.

To take into account Works that are recorded in a preliminary phase of their realization, we have also prepared a type of private agreement that allows the modification of Agreements previously signed. In particular, it allows to manage the variations in the shares of the economic rights due to each Author and also the entry of new collaborators or the exit of others.

If you want to analyze the draft agreement before filling in the module, you can find a pdf copy HERE.

The usual disclaimer applies: always use a professional lawyer you trust and evaluate with him the completeness of the contract and the correctness of the approval process. As CreativitySafe we ​​disclaim any responsibility for the correctness of the information you provide and for the compliance of the contractual scheme with the specific needs of your Work.

Once the Agreement is shared and approved by all authors, you can upload it in the “Proofs of ownership, …” field of the Blockchain certification form of the relative Work that you want to register.