We have prepared simple forms to briefly describe the work you have created or that you are creating. As part of the process of recording the work on the blockchain, the sheet does not replace the work itself but serves to better characterize it and identify the author.

What use do you make of them? We advise to:

  • upload the descriptive sheet together with the work file in the “primary object” field
  • use the descriptive sheet as a “guide” to identify the supplementary documentation to be loaded in the “proof of use and publication” and “proof of ownership” fields, for the purpose of constructing a robust and effective Authorship Dossier

By entering the data in the online form below, you will receive by email a precompiled Word file that, if you want, you can further customize. The same file will be automatically saved in your Creativity Cloud Reserved Area (click here).

Keep in mind that your registration data will be stored in your personal database and, therefore, you will be able to recover it to fill in new forms in the future.

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